Changing Format

I may suddenly be mad busy at work, but that won’t prevent me from making posts on my blog for a little while longer because I’d written pieces ahead of time just for this occasion!

Today’s post is somewhat a bore.

I’ve decided to make couple changes to the blog, only on its third month.

First, I’m dumping this “On…..” nonsense in the title.  It was the way I titled my high school column, which is the basis of this blog, but I’m increasingly realizing the title is neither clever nor creative and I’m hating how boring the title is.  The titles I post on facebook is much more interesting than the crap I’ve been putting here, so it’s gone (unless someone objects, which I find to be highly unlikely).

Second, I’ve created a section for links to other blogs to the right.  If you want your blog linked, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to accommodate.  I’d like more people to read my blog, so additional exposure through reciprocity is greatly appreciated.

Third, I’ve changed, for the third  time, the tag line of my blog.  Now it’s “Those who have the least to say speak  the most,” a perfect quote to describe me if there ever was one.

Fourth, I’m adding more sections to the blog so people can navigate through my prior postings easier.  So now there’s a section for BC football and movie reviews, as well as “Thoughts and Musings” for my personal opinion to distinguish from personal stories.

Finally, I’m encouraging people to sign up for my blog so you can automatically receive a notice when I make a post.   Apparently you can do this on the top, right hand corner.  Posting on Facebook is effective enough, but I’m hoping people will be interested enough in this blog to sign up, even if they only read an occasional posting.


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