Upon Further Reflection–BC Somehow Ends Up Doing Better

I discussed my bracket with some people (okay, one person, mainly) and reviewed my “real” bracket and realized I have an all-Big East Final Four.  Separate and apart from the unlikeliness of that happening, I just hate the Big East and upon further reflection, I realized that I think Pitt, a team that went as far as Seton Hall in the conference tourney, sucks.  So Pitt is now going down early, and they’re lucky they’re even going as far as I have them.  From the Final Four to the Sweet 16.  How the mighty has fallen, as my French teacher used to say.

I was persuaded Gonzaga is good, mostly because I know nothing about them and it was good enough that someone I knew liked them.  They now get 2 wins instead of none.

Louisville remains the champion because if you’re atop the best conference at the end of the season and you win the tournament of the best conference, you’ve earned the right to be called the best.

I also think I got carried away by my hatred of other teams in the ACC, so I decided to give Wake Forest, UNC (over Syracuse, a big change), and Florida State (over Pitt) a little more love.  That didn’t save Maryland, though, whom I think (with some knowledge because I follow the ACC) shouldn’t even be in the tournament.  You give me 100 brackets, and in every one, Maryland’s loss is the second one I’m filling in after BC’s win.  Maryland sucks.

Speaking of BC, somehow, after trying to be more rational, BC got a promotion.  This has nothing to do with my sentimental attachment to BC.  None at all.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nil.  In fact, I can prove it.  Chris (see comment in yesterday’s post) fully convinced me.  Sure he’s probably as delusional as I am, but why quibble with someone more knowledgeable.  And since I saw BC play Duke last Friday, I at least know this:  Duke sucks.  They remain a loser in the second round.

I will accept your apology after BC’s performance tracks closer to “BC All The Way” bracket than this new one:



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