Podcast Joins the Blog

Perhaps this was inevitable.  The World According to Joe now includes podcasts.  The idea is to alternate a blog post and a podcast every other week.

Hosted by my high school buddy Jason, the podcast will cover the same topics as this blog–and more!  In the podcast, I’ve removed my restrictions on politics, so you can hear me mock, bash and ridicule liberalism and the Democrat Party in a way you won’t see me do in writing.  And because I’m just talking with Jay and letting the conversation go wherever he takes it, the odds are I will be much more indiscreet in the podcast than in the blog.  My guess is the indiscretion will be the most attractive feature.

For the inaugural podcast, Jason and I chat about the stock market, investing, politics, the movie Greenzone, my rebellion and handgun story, the Yankees, the Patriots and the NFL Draft, all in less than 18 minutes.

In connection with the addition of the podcast, bunch of minor but important features were added to the blog.  You can now receive e-mail notices whenever I update my blog or subscribe to RSS readers.  Both of these are now available on the top right.

The right column has been cleaned up a bit, with the archives now in pull-down menu and Top Posts replaced with Top Rated to reflect the new ratings system that no one seems to be utilizing.  I hope this encourages people to vote!

I’m also now automatically publicizing this blog on Tweeter, Facebook and Yahoo!, not that I haven’t been annoying enough with my posts on Facebook.

Hope you’re as excited about these new additions and improvements as I am!


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