I Hate Indecent People

There is one category of people that I cannot stand, and those are people who are indecent human beings.

I’ve had the misfortune of getting to know far too many more of these people than I care to recall.

I once participated in a group lunch at a restaurant in which our server, a young kid who was making an honest living by working as a waiter, told us he attended a local college where he played football.  Upon learning this, the gang leader of the lunch, to the embarrassment of apparently only me, proceeded to mock the server for receiving perhaps too many excessive blows to the head.

There was also a time that I was associated with an individual who, upon scratching another person’s car in a parking lot, proceeded to drive away from the scene without leaving a note, over the objections raised by other passengers in the vehicle.

These are appalling, atrocious, deplorable, despicable, disgraceful, disgusting, egregious, embarrassing, horrid, offensive, obscene, outrageous, reprehensible, repugnant, repulsive, unconscionable and vile human beings.

I despise them.  I loathe them.  I feel unclean simply being around them, much less associating myself with them.

These people, and others like them, infest this world, from the academia and business to politics and law, and higher their IQ and more elitist their education, the more unbearable they become.  They think and act as if their intelligence and their ivy-league education somehow entitles them to treat others, and society in general, with disrespect.

They do not.

Their unjustifiable behaviour only highlights how smarts and stature are worthless without the most basic human decency to accompany it.  Whatever ideas, thoughts and opinions these people may have, however intellectually-sound, interesting or thought-provoking they may be, I am not the least bit interested in listening, considering or giving the slightest attention.  To do so would be a tremendous waste of my time.  By failing to have that most fundamental of things called common courtesy and human decency, none of what they do or say can lead to any valuable contribution to society.

It is in the small things, like in the treatment of the servers at restaurants and the conduct when no one is watching, and not the big things, like what the person’s political ideology is, that defines a person and determines whether that person is worthy of the life that he has been blessed to be given.  If you wonder why places like Enron fell into a state of depravity, it’s because there are people who don’t give a crap about showing the basic respect to others that they themselves think they’re somehow entitled to.

These people are unsalvageable.  Pointing out their disgusting nature to their face is a pointless exercise in futility.  That every person in society should be shown the most basic level of courtesy for living a dignified life is something that a person should be instilled in from childhood.  If these obscene people haven’t learned this simple rule by the time they have reached an age in which society expects them to act civilly, nothing anyone says will make the slightest of difference.  If they could understand, they wouldn’t be acting in such repulsive manner in the first place.

If there is any justice in this world, these people would disappear from the face of the earth.  In some ways, they are worse than terrorists who strap bombs to babies to blow innocent people up.  A society that hasn’t completely lost its grip on the sense of right and wrong vilifies terrorists and condemns their conduct.  Their outrageous conduct is accompanied by an appropriately outraged response.

Far too often, the same is not true with the indecent human beings of our own community.  Many such people get respected, worshipped, followed and idolized despite their despicable nature or, worse, because of it.  Perhaps their money, power, stature, fame and/or intelligence have allure or serve as some form of a hopelessly misguided notion of success.

That disgusts me.

The hard reality is that there’s nothing I can do about living in a purportedly civilized society which treats the scums, not with the contempt that they deserve, but with respect that are wholly unwarranted.

But I can do something about the immediate environment around me.  I have long ago promised myself that I am going to disassociate myself from any and all dealings with any indecent people, ignore them, refuse to acknowledge their existence and have them go their pathetic, little lives in which the value they place on themselves is at the expense of others.  By doing so, I’m going to try as hell to ensure that their smug satisfaction won’t come at the expense of me and the kind, caring, righteous, virtuous, decent people who surround me.


5 Responses to “I Hate Indecent People”

  1. 1 jon February 10, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Can’t disagree with a single word…

    • 2 joesas February 10, 2014 at 9:24 am

      I knew you wouldn’t, my friend!

  2. 3 Chris June 18, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    Isn’t BC considered the “Jesuit Ivy League”, since you mentioned the high quality of education level that most of these people. At least we are not in that category.
    The education you receive only matters if it makes you a better person not how much you make or what title you may hold.
    It is not the job you hold that makes someone ” great ” it is their attitude towards others.
    This is one reason I now am starting to hate professional sports, it is all about ” me ” and how much “I” can make, despite how good the team is itself. I will not talk about “deflate gate” because I would be bias to that but it seems to me there is no REAL evidence of anyone being guilty. Is Tom a “me” guy who appears to be a great individual it is hard to say. I will conclude that I am highly disappointed in the NFL after all of this, IF they were guilty of cheating it should have been dealt with earlier in the season when the league had already known about it. But they waited until the team that is most disliked got to the final game of the season, to declare someone probably knew. To me that is ruining someones reputation based on nothing factual, but a few text messages. Any how I find this behavior inexcusable and disgusting with regard to the commissioner of the league who wants to be “The Man”. As for TB12, I can not really say because there is only “probable” evidence that the ball men may have done something to the footballs. It is sick that people get kicks out of ruining other people’s reputations. Ok, I talked about deflate gate but this is how our society is in a microcosm. I can only say that this is sick because that is what it is. I will say off the field TB12 seems to be a stand up guy which would say a lot more about his character than most players in the NFL and society in general. I think the Patriots push the envelop but do not play un fairly.
    Anyway, society is all about me and what I can get. Someone once said the law is to treat others as you wish to be treated now go study the book!

    • 4 joesas October 6, 2015 at 10:24 am


      Obviously most of the graduates of “Jesuit Ivy,” present company included, were not meant to be the “indecent people” I criticize here (although I am embarrassed to say that one person who makes an appearance in the post did graduate from BC)

      Putting aside your rant on Deflategate (I only point out that once you start winning in convincing fashion it all goes away), I agree that education is only as good as the person that it makes you. Having met many, many people who did not receiving a liberal arts education (or missed the point of it even if they had gotten one), I can say that the biggest strength of a BC education is that it molds a person to be a positive influence in this world. I wrote about this a while ago, and I still believe it. Let us hope that both you and me will make the best of our BC education.

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